About Kenpo

Kenpo is a modern martial art, with a strong focus on self defence. Students learn how to defend successfully against a wide variety of attacks, such as punches, kicks, grabs and chokes, as well as weapons. Kenpo was created to evolve over time, and various styles now exist around the world. Central to all styles is the concept of “economy of motion”, which recognises the need for movement of the body to be as fast and efficient as possible. Here in the BKKU, we incorporate a deep appreciation of the biomechanics of the human body into traditional Kenpo techniques, to maximise strength and effectiveness.

The London Kenpo Club has existed since 2000, originally serving as a place to continue training for BKKU members who moved away from Devon. We’ve continued to offer classes to adults in central London ever since, and have welcomed members from around the world, including many who began training in Kenpo elsewhere.